The Apathetic Enthusiast

Words without Me

Month: November, 2015

Fight Club

I am Jacks overwhelming sense of discouragement
I am Jacks seeping acceptance of wasted opportunities
I am Jacks failed attempts to stay sober 
I am the crumbs of Jacks short lived enthusiasm 
I am Jacks island of apathy

Build a raft and drown. 


When April Fools never comes

I am Shock
Cling film wrapping around a sphere of salt water
Wrapping my mind around the unbelievable gravity this holds
The thick force it unrelentingly pounds with
A distortion of time
The same epic seconds on loop
A creaking door
An inability to reason
The sudden Death of a friend
I am heartbreak
I am menial activities throughout the day
I am  

Apathy doesn’t mind

IMG_20150615_231432.Being Gone.
Like a sliver of the moon
You ask me to apologise
for not being around all the time

Leaving you in the Hospital Cafeteria



The streets are impersonal and unwilling to make excuses
My money wasn’t worth what I could stomach but it was worth the time
As soon as we leave here its over
As soon as we leave
We’re gone



Diluted Days.

Changing scenery so suddenly
Unnervingly adjusting to unraveling so seamlessly
Quietly stepping
Accustomed to such company
I’ll excuse myself until the sun goes down