I The Stranger

by TheApatheticEnthusiast

              Today, I forgot myself. 
              When I woke up, I just left memories behind. 
              I saw them on my pillow as I went to leave, 
              but I couldn't remember what they were for, 
              or why I would need them, so I carried on 
              getting ready for the day without them.
              I went about my business without a worry. 
              Not much to mention in events, 
              but I think I learned a lot, about an everyday. 
              In some ways, it was the best day ever.
              By the time I made my way home, 
              the moon was out in full force. 
              Bright as anything and washing the clouds in silver. 
      A beauty of a sight. 
              I couldn't remember 
                         ever seeing 
                              something so