The Apathetic Enthusiast

Words without Me

Month: November, 2013

On this sunny day

Strangers stare at me
Stealing all my secrecy
I can’t bare to watch

Down the busy street
I walk fast avoiding eyes
And watch the buildings

Each one broken up
By rich to poor apartments
And whimsical shops

Optimal leasing
Of hundred year old history
Tacky paint jobs peal

Some stand side by side
Some are split by alley ways
To secret car parks

Others big enough
Only for empty beer cans
And cats in hiding

Spilt ink and Burn marks

One of my favourite ways to pass the time
    Is to sit at the open window
        In lace underwear and my best dress shirts
            Smoking crumbs of tobacco
                And drinking drops of red wine 
            From near empty bottles
        Hoping that no one catches me
    Revealing in being alone.
While I watch the birds fly back and forth
    From trees to the nests in the gutter on the roof
        The clouds drift
            The sun sets
                The wind leaves goose bumps on my bare skin.
            Once the wine is gone
        And the tingle of satisfaction
    Becomes the thick taste of cigarettes
You come home.
    I watch the butt drop three stories and stand up
        You say ‘Hey Babe. What have you been up to?’
            ‘Oh, just pottering around’ I say
                ‘Sorting out the spare room’
             Something I'm always doing
        Because my art can be such a mess.
    But every time
I get caught up in the memorabilia of my life
    Flicking through un-finish paintings
        And bus tickets
            Until I find a piece of something I missed
                A feather from the pillow you burst
            A thread from my shirt you tore
        A shard from the glass you smashed
    When you grabbed me by my shoulders
Bruised me with your fingers
    Punched me with your fists
        Laughed at my tears
            Until you finally left me 
            To find the pieces
        Wrap them up
    Sew them together
Hide them in boxes
    Bury them in rubbish bags.
        And when you finally fall asleep
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